Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Remarkable Day

Got up early and started off to college early to catch my college bus which i've been missing for the past one month.So went to my bus stop so early and waited for 15 minutes for my bus. I was sure that my bus had not left my stop but then i got so late that i decided to take my bike. I ran home took my key and was off on the road driving so recklessly in order to reach my college early.I just reached in time and the watchman closed the college gate.I thought they were stopping the late-comers but he came and told me that the college is closed today because of some problem with students(they had gone on strike) at our main college. God!! why was i so sincere in attending college and that too today.Returned home little pissed off.Damn i hadn't checked my mobile i had got many missed calls and messages. My friends had messaged me not to go to college. Then went online talked to a few friends and had a fun time.

In the afternoon i got a call from my friend yeah the same call which i got exactly two weeks back and the purpose of her call was also the same asking me to come out for a movie. Again i went and this time my friends had money just for the tickets. We went there very early and then i took them to a nearby hotel as they dint have lunch. I paid for the lunch and emptied my purse. we dint have have money except few coins. Then went inside the theatre to take our luxurious seats. The movie was so BAD.No that would be an understatement. i take back all my words about my opinions about the crappy movies i saw earlier. Frankly speaking Aathi was a better movie i liked it but dint want to say it overtly cos i dont want endorse a vijay movie(sorry vijay fans!!;))This was worst dumb. I was so bored that i waited for the end and then only realised that not even the intermission had come. After intermission the theatre was half empty. The whole screenplay was so absurd. The actor couldn't even emote well. After when the movie got over we came to take our bikes. Suddenly a guy came and asked for parking money. Our purses were empty and we dint kno what to tell him. We were so embarrased but i told him we dont have enough money. He said he'll give us change if we have Rs.100. We laughed our hearts out cos we were empty-handed. After sometime he left us but that was the best part of the day.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

This week ME

Last tuesday had been out of city to visit a company. This was a so-called industrial visit arranged by my college. Yeah i went to college atlast that day to join my friends for the trip and not to attend classes. They had a doubt whether im still in their class or not. The trip was fun and before going to the company we had been to a temple which is in a hillock. It was 11am when we reached there and we had to climb 400 steps up to reach the temple. Damn my legs were paining and it was hot out. It was difficult climbing those rocky steps cos the steps were steep and were burning hot. We couldn't even wear our chappels as we were heading for a temple. Even the roads leading to the steps were full of thorns and pebbles. The temple was built inside the mountain as if in a niche. Spent an hour there and went to a hotel had a sumptuous lunch and headed for the company and asked them to excuse us for coming late and told them our bus got punctured.

Reached home by 9pm and to my surprise i was not tired at all. There has been some change in the metabolic activity in my body. While coming back they played the movie Ghilli in our video coach bus. I generally dont prefer vijay movies but this is a bearable vijay movie. I also saw his latest flick aathi the next day. Kollywood seem to be having a tough competition in producing crappy movies. Nowadays its hard to judge which movie is worst. And today got up very early in the morning by 6:30am. Took my mom out in the car. I enjoyed driving so much cos there was no traffic and i drove breaking all the speed limit. But still i prefer riding my bike because it gives so much thrill and for various other reasons.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Tagged Again!!

Im tagged again thanks to Komal.This time i supposed to say few things which i hate. To be frank i would be happy to write down things people hate abt me rather than writing things i hate. But rules are rules let me stick to it. so here it goes...

I hate when ppl advice me "dont do this dont do that" when they r not fit enough to say "do this & do that"

I hate standing on long queues.

I hate to wait. cos i've no patience.I want things to happen at lightning speed(ok friends agreed i've always made u wait)

I hate to walk.

I hate people when they flout rules.

I hate to wake up early in the morning.

I hate people with bad temper and people who fuss too much about nothing.

I hate the trend the bollywood movies are trying to adopt now.


So this is it a few things i hate.And whoever wish to write a few things you hate, you are tagged by default.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Memorable day

So people how was your Valetine's day? This is an inevitable question asked by almost all age groups.No im not going to talk about the influence of westernization on us.Let me brief you how i enjoyed my day on February 14th. And hey i did not flirt with or date someone.I went to college as usual and my friend tempted me to bunk college and invited me to the theatre. So without even any scruples i said yes and next second i was in the college library checking the newspaper about where exactly the movie is being screened. Next minute(around 10am) we headed for the theatre(actually a multiplex) and we booked 4 tickets. It was not a planned trip so we both dint have enough money to lobby there for three hours as the show was only at 3:30pm. So we called remaining two friends to head up to the theatre right away as we were wandering about penniless.

Later our friends joined us and we had a gala time stuffing our stomach with how much ever it can take with pizzas and soft drinks and what not. After all these fun we went to the theatre and were eagerly waiting for the movie to start. Then it dawned upon us that how foolish we were to blindly choose this movie. The movie was sucking right from the start and we couldn't stand one scene in the movie. So to add fun to it we just clapped simply and started passing comments loudly which triggered off others to follow suit. It was really a roll-licking experience. Though the movie sucked we managed somehow to enjoy our day!!It is one of the memorable day in my life.Well are you eager to know the movie name?its June R, a tamil movie starring Jothika. So here i've saved you from watching such a yucky movie. So you want to take a revenge on someone? Ask them to watch this movie.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Tiresome Days

Days are getting really hectic and tiresome all because of my project work. Not that im working too much on it. I've been changing titles after titles and at last settled with one now. I cant change it anymore because it has been sent to the university. Yesterday i had my first review.As i settled with a title only on monday, i had to work through out the three days preparing for my review, slides and all that. My energy is totally drained out now. The net result wasn't that bad and now things are going pretty smooth.

Last week had a gala time at home because of an auspicious happening at home. Also saw the most awaited movie Rang de Basanti. A neat and decent performance by everyone. The climax could have worked out better. I dint find it realistic. Songs were awesome. The king of music is back with a bang. I have downloaded them on my mobile so that i can hear them often. I just exchanged my mobile phone with my brother which has mp3 player. So now im living up with technology!! I would definitely recommend people to watch Rang de Basanti to get a feel good about our country.