Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quantum Computers

There is a hectic research going on to make "brainy computers". The idea of quantum computer is based on quantum physics. Qunatum computers makes use of distinctive quantum mechanical properties like "superposition" and "entanglement" to perform operations on data. The information processing unit in quantum computer is Qubit (Quantum bit) unlike logical bit of classical computer. Qubit is not binary, its a superimposed auantum mechanical states that has taken over the atomic state. Particles with "+" or "-" and spin up or spin down is taken as logic states 0 or 1. In quantum computers, the quantum gates make equal number of inputs and outpuits unlike the logic gates which has two inputs and single output + waste heat. A quantum bit carries more info than a classical bit in the sense that the electron is at superposition state states rather than just being at low or high state. Though this technology is far-fetched now, scientists have been successful in inventing quantum cryptography in the area of data security. Maybe in a few more years quantum computers can come into being but it wont replace classical computers cos still quantum physics is yet to replace classical physics. They just co-exist.

Superposition: Two electrons overlap with eachother to make a combined waveform of amplitude probabilities.

Entanglement: Here the systems are correlated that does not involve force and the restriction of the speed of light is not applicable.

P.S.: If you think that i copy pasted this from some site then you are wrong. This is an adaptation from a techie journal.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Vettaiyadu Vilayadu - Experience

I had been dying to watch this movie for a really long time and had been secretly praying for the release of this movie. Well i dont wish to break the ice about the movie for there'll be a few who wouldn't have watched it. It was raining so heavily on our way to the theatre, i wonder how i reached the theatre cos there was nil visiblity. I take pride of myself for driving well. Talking about the movie it was a thrilling experience. Its a cop-nab-killer story which is well woven and offers a chilling experience. The role of the villian always leaves a mark in his movies and this movie is no exception. Kamal, needless to say, was outstanding as a cop and played his part well. Gautham seemed to have tried to establish some connections with his previous hit kaaka kaaka. Certain scenes and names were similar to kaaka kaaka, probably he should have avoided that. The songs are mesmerizing especially "Paartha mudal naale" , "Manjal Veyil" and "karka karka" puts you in a humming mode.
The only disappointing factor in the movie is kamal's looks. He looks old and flabby. Well he doesn't portray a role of a young cop but still he looked reasonably old comapred to his previous and upcoming flicks. If you are entering the theatre with high expectations im sure you wont be left disappointed.

Im surprised to see that few scenes were actually shot in my college. Damn!!I should've been regular to college, I missed the shooting. Another important scene was shot near my house and i missed that as well. Im glad that i could make it up the second day of its release. Had gr8 fun watching the movie cos 17 of us went to see it. On the whole it was a relishing experience for me.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Grand windup

Its time to packup and leave to India. One month seemed to have passed on so soon. Im happy atleast i updated my blog quite regularly. Its hightime i have to do something serious in life. So ill be back home tommorrow and guess will have lot of things to catch up. I have an important unfinished business. Yeah i got to visit my college to collect all my certificates and marksheets. Ofcourse the only proof to make others believe that i completed my degree. I get sick when im reminded of the word college. Cos 4yrs of college meant waking up early to catch my bus. Now atleast i can go at anytime of my convenience. So there i come carrying back few goodies and lots of pleasant and enduring memories !!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lost in Paradise - Day 2

A closer view of the hotel we stayed at Genting(pics courtesy googling)

We decided to go to the casino in the morning. The casinos offer never ending excitement but they follow strict rules. One needs to stick to their dress code otherwise they wont allow anyone in. Moreover you need to be above 21years of age to enter the casino. I was just 4months short of 21 and was denied an entry. We were a bit shocked that we couldn't gain entry inside the casino. We had our bus back to Singapore in the afternoon. So were wandering inside the electryfying atmosphere of the hotel. There is fun and excitement painted everywhere. In the afternoon took the bus back to Singapore. It was an amazing ride back as we drove through the lush lands of Malaysia. Two days just passed like a flash but left an indelible mark in the memory. This is no mere rhetoric review about the place. Another disconcerting incident that happened was that my camera plunged into water. Anyways i have no qualms about that now cos i had a refreshing time.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Lost in Paradise - Day 1

Click on the pics for a closer view

Had been to Genting this weekend in Malaysia which is an unusual hill station. This place located just 50km from Kuala Lumpur is situated at 2000 feet above sea-level. Its hardly a 45min drive from KL and is a cool respite comined with all luxuries and entertainment. This highlands is unique in a way that there's abundant source of entertainment. It has one of the largest hotel in Malaysia with 6000 rooms. There's a huge theme park with all crazy, mind numbing rides. There's also an indoor theme park inside the hotel which is more for kids. Sometimes one would wonder whether they are inside the hotel or outside. The hotel is a gargantuan. Its a massive structure wonderfully built. The outdoor theme park is total fun especially for those who are recklessly bold. This tower called the space shot is perhaps the tallest tower there. I never thought ill come back alive. It takes you to the top and comes back at a god speed. It was mind-boggling. There are a lot of other exciting rides. The weather is so plesant infact was cold. Its misty even in the afternoons. Suddenly the sun begins to shine down but before you could actually feel its warmth its gone. Nights were colder.

There are other entertainments like the Ripley's believe it or not which is a store house of most unusual facts and happenings in the world. There are a plenty of shoppping centres for the shopping sprees and a lot of eat-outs to satiate your appetite. We being veggie relied only on pizza hut. In the evening we went for the Genting skyway a cable car that takes down the mountain. We were amazed by the splendid beauty of the bountiful nature. Below us were the thick rainforests of Malaysia and beneath that was total abyss. At night we watched Mysteria a spectacular magic show demonstrated using the optical illusion technique. Then we went to the most happening place in Genting "The Casino". There are three casinos in Genting. We caught glimpse of how the most populer games like poker and roulette where played. We were almost lost in the gambling world but were too tired to play any game. So we got back to the hotel and vowed to visit the place the next day morning..


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bird Watch

(A view point inside the garden)
I had been to a bird watching trip in the wee hours of sunday morning at the Singapore Botanic Garden organized by Nature Trekker a local amateur bird watching group. This was my first time experience in bird watching and all you need is a lot of patience, an admiration for birds and a fascintion for nature. (Click on the images to get a closer view. The park had a wonderful jungle like setting to provide a habitat for the birds. The habitat is well preserved and maintained inside the garden. Such a place near the hustle and bustle of the city is quite unexpected. Thanks to the guide who took us around the park for two hours and helped us to see some of the species of birds which i dint know ever existed. But unfortunately couldn't capture those birds in the camera because we were quite far off and moreover couldn't get a panoramic view of them through the camera lens. So im just uploading the pictures of ducks i captured near the pond.Left: Mandarin ducks waddling through the troughs of water)

P.S. : Dont mind the date. I dint change the date while taking the pic.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Guess who?

These two living legends from the film fraternity share their birthday on the same day(ofcourse) but different years. They worked together initially and every movie of theirs is a musical sensation and visual brilliance. They two had a fallout after a few movies because one was irked by the comments of the other reportedly and no longer work together. Still both continue to reign the film world and are much sought after people in the filmdom. Though one has three national awards to his credit the other has won none ironically. They are the most popular people and is very easy to guess them..

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Singapore - The hottest yet coolest destination

Im holidaying in Singapore now and there are lot to write about this place. There's growth everywhere. Its been 41 years since Singapore became an independent country and it has indeed gone a long way. There are lot of places to see, places to shop, and places to eat. Its just replete with everything. And singapore is a tourist destination in everyway. The places are well connected an there's no way you can ever get lost here. The advancement in technology in buses,trains,cabs is an added advantage which makes them the hottest tourist destaination. There's no discomfort in your journey and Singapore is fondly called as the "FINE" city and people really stick to the rules and are very obliging. The downtown offers a spectacular view of the sky-scrappers bordering the water front. The merlion stands majestic in front of the water which is the emblem of singapore and is the best-known tourist icons of singapore. The merlion at sentosa is another spot which shouldn't be missed for it gives you the breath-taking view of the Singapore city.

(A view of orchard road)The orchard road,one of the most famous street in the world, is a shopping paradise for those who are very fond of shopping. There are various malls across the street catering the needs of all the shoppers. The Sentosa island which is just closeby is another place which shouldn't be missed. Its full of fun and frolic and offers an enjoyable journey with man-made beaches and dolphin shows and spectacular view of singapore from very high towers. Then for the animal lovers there are this zoo,bird park and night safari. The variety of species of birds and animals is amazing. There are eatouts everywhere you go. I guess Singapore should be housing the largest number of hang outs. The weather is almost same through out the year hovering between 22 deg C to 34 deg. So dont hesitate to visit this country atleast once. But i dont really know whether its a great place to live. There is so much more but there is very little space and time. (A view of the esplanade and other buildngs at dusk near the water front)


Thursday, August 03, 2006

A movie that took me by suprise

Happened to watch this movie "Thalainagaram" by chance. Im very choosy when it comes to watching movies cos i have wasted a lot of my time by watching dull boring movies. Coming back to this movie i avoided watching any scenes,songs from this movie initially because i wasn't that attracted by the cast or the crew. But now i regret that cos this movie is really worth a watch. Its yet another gangster movie in the line of pattiyal and other gangster movies but the screenplay was so neat that i couldn't find out much flaw. The movie is very realistic(im not sure whether its a lift from any hollywood flicks).

It showcases people living in a seedy side of life yet the dialogues are less blasephemous which is something laudable. Director Sundar.C is the hero of the movie and has given a good performance. For the first time i liked Vadivelu's comedy with clean dialogues and less kicking. Surely his comedy is another thing that cannot be missed in this movie. There's one song that helds you by trance "Yedho ninaikiren adhai yeno maraikiren....kadhal azagiya thollai" very well shot. Even the background music through out the movie fitted well with each frame. The movie is a good blend of acion and emotions with not much of romance and less gore. On the whole i enjoyed watching it!!!