Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Killing Time

Arrgh.. I never expected my exams will get postponed. I was very much hoping for my exams to get over soon. Another dreary week ahead!!!All i did these days is watched harry potter again and this time with my friends. At this rate I may probably win a privilege pass @ satyam. I am also trying to read Sidney sheldon's auto biography "The other side of Me". The cool climate makes you really sluggish and to doze off all day. Everything bores me now tv, books, phone, computer. Its been 4 days since i started that book.The surprising fact is my dad bought this book for just Rs.20 from mumbai(last weekend). Couldn't really get any interesting stuffs to blog about.My next exam is on monday but im already in holiday mood. I dont have a slightest clue of how im going to manage all my exams. Should somehow gear up for my exams ahead and later start hunting out for projects. Tough time ahead!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Sms'ing all the way

SMS is short messaging service which was basically introduced for people to send messages when they are held up in a meeting or other important assignments. Thanks to communication sector for slashing the calling rates and to the mobile phone companies for producing cheaper models, there has been a rampant growth in the use of mobile phones in chennai and other major cities. From a milk man to any higher officials, you can find anyone carrying a mobile. Most of the cellphone dealers offer prepaid cards with free sms which is a boon for most of the college goers as it fits into their budget. Myself being a student, you can find my mobile buzzing all day. From (good) morning to (good) night, i get all sorts of crazy,wacky,funny messages. Its a crime if you dont forward those messages to others. This might be quite amusing for those who haven't used this facility. Having a funky cool model is in vogue in city now. This has set a new trend among the teeny-boppers. But sadly mobile phones has been banned inside college campus because it has proved to be baneful in its own respect.
SMS works out to be cheaper than calling because the necessary information is conveyed via text and it also avoids unnecessary talking. The sms mania is reflected on tv as well as most of the tv shows especially game shows have sms contests. SMS is also a quick medium to spread rumours. Just like how internet showed, that the world is just a click away, sms shows that its just a punch away. Study shows that the harmful radiations from mobile phones are highly fatal to brain . So try to limit its usage. Let me conclude with a wacky forward i got. High-tech sardar inventions : water proof towels, solar powered torch, Book on how to read, pedal powered wheelchair.


Friday, November 25, 2005

Hilarious Quotes

It is better to be a witty fool than a foolish wit.

Good judgement comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgement.

"Reality" is the only word in the English language that should always be used in quotes.

It usually takes a long time to find a shorter way.

Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night.

Positive thinking -> A little bird flying in the sky drops shit into your eyes. you dont worry and dont cry you just thank god that elephants dont fly.

Engineering is like watching a tamil movie. People standing out are desparate to go inside but people inside are dying to come out.

Our brain is a masterpiece, it has two halves, the left & the right. The left has nothing right and the right has nothing left in it.

Never argue with a fool. Someone watching may not be able to tell the difference.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire - Review

Here goes my take on the movie Harry potter and the goblet of fire. The book if you have read was riveting and the movie does not disappoint you either. Though certain portions from the book has been cut the story moves in an interesting fashion with little cinematic elements added. Harry enter his fourth year at hogwarts and the movie comes with adolescence flavour. All the kids have performed well. The other characters in the movie just flashes around and there's absolutely no mention of the house-elves. Little changes has been made in the movie like harry falling off his broomstick while on his first task. The riddle harry solves before reaching the triwizard cup has been completely removed. The opening scene and climax is scarier than you imagined while reading the book. Ralph Fiennes plays Lord Voldermort and his handsome face is distorted to suit the role. Cedric looks really charming and a really pathetic end to him.

Rita skeeter's scoop is supposed bring a stir at hogwarts but the impact is not much felt. One thing that annoyed me in the movie was dumbledore's character which was portrayed in a funny way and doesn't convince you at all that he is the greatest of all wizards. You find him walking by holding his robe often(like little gals holding their 'pavadai')really irritates you and the character loses all its shine. The second half was bit of a drag and the editing could have been done better. Most of the scenes looked crammed in, like the Yule ball. Not much has been show cased about it as in the book. I enjoyed really well by screaming and yelling and booing along with the crowd. It took almost an hour to get back my hearing sense. The movie has been directed assuming that everyone watching the movie has read the book. So if you are planning to watch the movie read the book and then go and have a gala time!!


Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hitler, considered himself invincible. His death still remains a mystery. The very mention of his name builds a picture of him as a person(?) who hated the jews,who ran a tyrannical regime, the concentration camps &... He was responsible for coining the term genocide and showed the world what sort of atrocities can be done to humans.Hitler electrified the audience with his masterful demagoguery. Besides all this he was a vegetarian , a good artist and initially wanted to become an achitect. Even after becoming a dictator he continued his work of art . Here is the picture of Eva Braun his mistress and later wife sketched by hitler.(one of the rarest pic!!)

While in prison, he wrote the first volume of Mein Kampf (My struggle). It was partly an autobiographical book (although filled with glorified inaccuracies, self-serving half-truths and outright revisionism) which also detailed his views on the future of the German people. Reproductions in Germany are generally authorized only for scholarly purposes and in heavily commented form. The display of swastikas or other Nazi symbols is prohibited in Germany. Only after the three powerful countries invasion was he defetaed. He tried to show the world that he is heroic and a courageous person but proved himself a coward by ending his life by committing suicide. The world should not see such a man slaughterer ever in the future.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Fever Time!!!

Thanks to the insalubrious ambience my college offered me, i fell sick for 3 days and that too during my exam time. And this is why i was not seen blogging for a while. No this is not the so-called exam fever. I pity you if you were mistaken that i was preparing for my exams. Anyway my exam went well and now i can relax for a while because the next exam is only on 24th. Also the CAT fever is running high in the country and for all those appearing for it on sunday "just crack them!!"

There's yet another outbreak of fever around the world, yes, its the Potter fever. Harry Potter is back with the Goblet of fire (part - 4). Dark and difficult times are ahead for Harry. In this movie Harry comes in face to face with the (dark) Lord Voldermort and the quidditch match is replaced by the triwizard tournament.More reviews only after watching the movie.This movie is expected to break the records of Harry potter (part -1) which is the third highest grocer in the world. I have watched all the 3 movies but they weren't as interesting as the books. I read the very first book only after the release of the 6th book. But now i own all the 6 books and like others waiting for the BIG one the culminating book. This might sound ridiculous for some but hey im young and still in my teens(maybe for another 40days!!) .

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Take 3

Diwali always comes with a big bang with the most expected films(of top heroes)getting released.This diwali is rather disappointing for movie-goers. This year seems to be a season for crass commercial films. Wonder why the audience's taste has gone so crude?!?

Maja: Vikram after his phenomenal hit anniyan plays a lighter role in this movie. There is nothing worthy to mention about this movie other than the gorgeous looking asin though she does not have much to perform. This movie explicitly promotes alcohol. Except for the heroin every1 else drinks. First half is bearable with decent humour. If it hadn't rained outside i would have surely left the theatre during the intermission.Songs too doesn't make much an impact and comes with usual "kuthu" numbers which reminds you of vikram's dhool title song.

Adhu oru kanakalam: I finished watching this movie in less than an hour. Guess Balu mahendra directs movies only for critics. Priya mani has given a decent performance especially the climax scene which reminds you more of moondrampirai but not as outstanding as kamal performed. Music is by the maestro so is lovable.

Sivakasi: Consecutively 6 hit films to his credit vijay comes with a big blast with sivakasi. This film is sure a visual treat for all vijay fans. This movie perhaps is a classic example of a masala movie. The movie is a hit and so an other feather to his cap. Asin pairs with vijay and plays a young vibrant college girl. The songs are a feast to all gaana lovers. Vijay seem to follow the track of Rajini and has created a larger-than-life to himself.He is the only actor after Rajini whose films(2) sold out a day after the movie's puja.He is rumoured to rule the kollywood like MGR,Rajini.Will he??time will answer cos after all he is 31..


Friday, November 11, 2005

Friends Galore

I once got an invite from orkut sent to me by my cousin.I accepted his invitation but dint even log in once.Later on a few people (totally unknown to me) wanted to add me as their friend but i rejected them blindly.Recently my school friend added me in her list after which i have become an active member.Orkut is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.You can write testimonials,scraps etc about your friends,make new friends who share common interests,find your friends with whom you have lost in touch with.So you can connect to all of your friends no matter whether they stay neaby or far off.Once you start exploring the communities,many surprises awaits you.I was surprised to see a community for HCCV (my school.Though most of the members were my seniors).It brought back memories of my good old school days.So if you are not a member just hurry up to expand the circumference of your social cirlce.If you are already a member stay connected and conquer the world!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I have seen people studying hastily for an impending examination.. Myself I'm dauntless about exams.. I always bone up for my final examination.. This is my way of preparing for my exams.. Plz dont blame me if it happens to be fruitless 2 u ... Study hols has helped me in becoming a voracious reader,putting on weight and made me a bit lazy 2...i've become a sack of lazy bones!! It has changed my biological clock badly!!! wonder how im gonna reset it during my exams.. Now I spend my time watching tv (most of the time), read books, browse the net,blog(supposed 2 slog 4 my exams now;)!!)and occasionally go out(cuz its been raining incessantly for almost a week) ..anyways do ur exams well.. dont have high hopes on ur results coz expectation leads 2 disappoinment... All the Best or should it be Best of luck?!?!!