Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mumbai - part 1

Mumbai is one of the greatest shopping destination and thats enough for me to know about the city. This is one place where if you are from IT you are not looked upon at. There are far more people earning almost triple the money you earn. Mumbai also does not have the following :
  • No IT parks in suburbs or no land especially allocated for building huge IT parks
  • You do not have to pay a penny extra than the meter reading in autos. Infact you have to just pay a Re.1 less.
  • Lot of weekend getaway places
  • You cannot exhaust the list of malls,multiplex and restaurants spread across the city

Mumbai trains are the fastest and cheapest means of transport. But try reaching to your place of work by trains and this song will echo in your minds "Sorgame endralum adhu namoora pola varuma". Its a race against race. Think about shopping and you can bump into any malls just if you step out of your house. You will be surprised to see families spending their time absolutely there over the weekends. Everything is aplenty there. If you are leading snail-paced lifestyle things will zoom around you if you are here.

Some of the cheapest shopping places are :
  1. Bandra linking road
  2. Fashion street @ colaba
  3. crawford market
If you have the bargain skills you can bargain almost 70%.

Something that will bowl you over about the city is the infrastructure. The awesome roads (or should it be called highways?). There was a plan to widen a linking road and there were mosque,temples and gurudwaras in the stretch. These were demolished and an alternate site was provided for constructing those. I was amazed to see this. More to continue in part 2.....



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