Saturday, November 12, 2005

Take 3

Diwali always comes with a big bang with the most expected films(of top heroes)getting released.This diwali is rather disappointing for movie-goers. This year seems to be a season for crass commercial films. Wonder why the audience's taste has gone so crude?!?

Maja: Vikram after his phenomenal hit anniyan plays a lighter role in this movie. There is nothing worthy to mention about this movie other than the gorgeous looking asin though she does not have much to perform. This movie explicitly promotes alcohol. Except for the heroin every1 else drinks. First half is bearable with decent humour. If it hadn't rained outside i would have surely left the theatre during the intermission.Songs too doesn't make much an impact and comes with usual "kuthu" numbers which reminds you of vikram's dhool title song.

Adhu oru kanakalam: I finished watching this movie in less than an hour. Guess Balu mahendra directs movies only for critics. Priya mani has given a decent performance especially the climax scene which reminds you more of moondrampirai but not as outstanding as kamal performed. Music is by the maestro so is lovable.

Sivakasi: Consecutively 6 hit films to his credit vijay comes with a big blast with sivakasi. This film is sure a visual treat for all vijay fans. This movie perhaps is a classic example of a masala movie. The movie is a hit and so an other feather to his cap. Asin pairs with vijay and plays a young vibrant college girl. The songs are a feast to all gaana lovers. Vijay seem to follow the track of Rajini and has created a larger-than-life to himself.He is the only actor after Rajini whose films(2) sold out a day after the movie's puja.He is rumoured to rule the kollywood like MGR,Rajini.Will he??time will answer cos after all he is 31..



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10:37 PM  
Blogger Trinity Tealâ„¢ said...

hey , read for the exams!! Atha uttutu padam pakariya. Anyway thx 4 da movie info, i'll never c any of the movies u reviewed :p
Carpe Diem.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Cogito said...

hey exam padikara vazhiya paaru ..ivalo padam vera parkariya ?

7:42 AM  
Blogger Trinity Tealâ„¢ said...

hey did u c my new and improved blog, i've put some add-ins and it looks awesome. :D Anyways, Ethics tomorrow, wat to do man? *shrugs shoulders*.
Carpe Diem.

7:53 AM  
Blogger kuttichuvaru said...

hey, jus landed here frm somewhere... gud reviews.... ya the trend in tamil cinema is gettin crappier day by day.....moreover, asin wasnt lookin at gud in maja as she looked in ghajini :(

9:04 PM  
Blogger Hell's Angel said...

kuttichuvaru - thanx 4 the compliments!! will keep up my good work

8:26 PM  

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