Monday, August 21, 2006

Lost in Paradise - Day 1

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Had been to Genting this weekend in Malaysia which is an unusual hill station. This place located just 50km from Kuala Lumpur is situated at 2000 feet above sea-level. Its hardly a 45min drive from KL and is a cool respite comined with all luxuries and entertainment. This highlands is unique in a way that there's abundant source of entertainment. It has one of the largest hotel in Malaysia with 6000 rooms. There's a huge theme park with all crazy, mind numbing rides. There's also an indoor theme park inside the hotel which is more for kids. Sometimes one would wonder whether they are inside the hotel or outside. The hotel is a gargantuan. Its a massive structure wonderfully built. The outdoor theme park is total fun especially for those who are recklessly bold. This tower called the space shot is perhaps the tallest tower there. I never thought ill come back alive. It takes you to the top and comes back at a god speed. It was mind-boggling. There are a lot of other exciting rides. The weather is so plesant infact was cold. Its misty even in the afternoons. Suddenly the sun begins to shine down but before you could actually feel its warmth its gone. Nights were colder.

There are other entertainments like the Ripley's believe it or not which is a store house of most unusual facts and happenings in the world. There are a plenty of shoppping centres for the shopping sprees and a lot of eat-outs to satiate your appetite. We being veggie relied only on pizza hut. In the evening we went for the Genting skyway a cable car that takes down the mountain. We were amazed by the splendid beauty of the bountiful nature. Below us were the thick rainforests of Malaysia and beneath that was total abyss. At night we watched Mysteria a spectacular magic show demonstrated using the optical illusion technique. Then we went to the most happening place in Genting "The Casino". There are three casinos in Genting. We caught glimpse of how the most populer games like poker and roulette where played. We were almost lost in the gambling world but were too tired to play any game. So we got back to the hotel and vowed to visit the place the next day morning..



Blogger kuttichuvaru said...

gud tat u enjoyed.... n more gud is tat u write abt it for ppl to knw :)

aana nee intha google-lernthu pics eduthu podarathu vida maatta pola irukku!!

7:18 PM  
Blogger bestofbala said...

swargamae endraaalllum
naamooora pola varuma ??!!!??

Ennnadu endraalum
nam naadukkeedagumaaa !!!???!

1:59 PM  
Blogger Hell's Angel said...

Bala -> andha song'a na paadala :P

2:07 PM  
Blogger Cogito said...

hey , u didn't tell us about the "lemon" story !

4:21 PM  
Blogger Hell's Angel said...

Cogito -> unaku thaan theriyumla lemon story aprom edhuku ??

9:16 PM  

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