Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I never liked Abhishek Bachchan nor cared about his performances but now i have to admit that i really liked him in this movie. Wonder the credit goes to the director or himself or both. Forget about the fact whether you like Mani ratnam nor the cast and watch this movie you'll still like it. Needless to mention the movie has been directed well. This is a very realistic subject and the way the director has interspersed the romantic scenes and carries on the chemistry between the Ash and Abhi is brilliant. Is it the first time a movie is made on one of the powerful enterpreneurs in India??I think so. But surprisingly the negative shades of that character has been shown. I was seriously contemplating whether Abhishek was playing a Hero or a villain and the director has left that judgement to us. The way the climax has been crafted, tension was building in me in a crescendo like fashion and it did reach its zenith (as if i was faced with all those accusations). Wow what can i say mind-blowing!! I loved the climax more than anything in this movie.

Im a fan of Ashwarya Rai and she looked very beautiful in this movie (as usual). Vidya Balan too looks cute. Her character has been included to show the compassionate nature of Guru??One thing for sure Abhishek carries on an air of confidence which is vital to his character even in situations of his downfall. And Madhavan looks so young in this movie and carried on his role with utmost sincerity and dedication. The cinematography was outstanding and the BGM was superb. The music is by ARR and it speaks for itself. There was more light in the movie something that is not maniratnam style but the dialogues were typically stamped with his tag. Atlast he has succeeded in making a hit movie in bollywood. But unfortunately if you do not know hindi its quite difficult to follow up with this movie. If its screened with sub-titles anywhere nearby please dont fail to watch this flick. The climax has brought in more of speculation no matter what the justification is right to my conscience. It can be misinterpreted in many ways. He doesn't want to convey the point that only by bending rules and involving in treacherous deeds can one achieve success but he wanted to reiterate the fact that equal oppurtunity should be given to all and government should encourage & welcome enterpreneurs with arms stretched irrespective caste or creed. Im ready to watch this movie any number of times. i hope this isn't Mani Ratnam's magnum opus, im praying that there is still more to come.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to blog world

Everytime i think im being regular in blogging i seem to disappear off the face off the earth. This past 10 days has been one helluva of a time. It has been very hectic and tiresome something i never expected. Our house was swarmed with guests and relatives who had come for my cousins wedding and this one week i just had no time for myself. And like some magic these days passed on in a flash and everyone seemed to have disapparated. But im yet to recover from fatigue caused due to irregular eating and outside food and improper sleep. In an vain attempt to save my Other blog i managed to post there regularly and somehow succeeded in saving it. Im hoping against hope to be regular again here.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I can imagine a look of frustration and anger when one reads this title. This article is not about human-trafficking or anything close to that. Lets brush aside those controvertial topic which are rife in media now. Lets get into the nitty-gritty of the topic. India's economy is booming and so are the standards of life stlye of people. This has resulted in increasing number of vehicles on the road. Lets consider the case of Chennai. The roads are so narrow here that even the main roads can accomadate only two rows of vehicles. Its impossible to widen all these roads and at this rate there's going to be a traffic signal every 100 meters. Which mode of transport do you think will be comfortable to travel to reach your destination??Comfort here means not the sophistication but how quick you reach there.

Bus - This is ruled out definitely considering the voluminous of people travelling in it and how rickety buses here are due to poor maintenance.

Car - I lose all my patience when i drive and my BP instantly shoots up with the way the motorists and others dodge to go forward. And since it occupies a lot of space you are far left behind on the road. I strictly follow rules and i seem to vent out my anger nowadays on people who break it. I just cant stand when people flout tules in front of my eyes. Very unruly!!And whats wrong if a gal drives??why do men just look down at them as if they are perpetrator of an offensive crime?

Bike - The most convenient way to dodge and march ahead of the traffic. At times we need to forget something called as traffic rules. I think this is the best mode of transport when it comes reaching a place quicker. Lets forget the autos where our safety isn't guranteed.

Sometimes i wonder why the pedestrians walk on the road and not on the pavement. They dont seem to budge even when honked. I found when one day,as i was walking on the road, I tried using the pavement. Gosh its a garbage laiden path breeding with all germs on earth. With the increasing number of accidents & vehicles on the road, things have gone out of hand and unmanageable. I think all we need to do is try not to flout the rules and follow lane discipline. And for heaven sakes do people know that buses have the right of the way whenever they leave a bus stop???People dont seem to pave way for them and the poor drivers are forced to drive recklessly. Definitely one would lose their patience if they drive through around the city one day. If one can follow rules in a foreign country then why not here??The roads are poorly maintained agreed but that shouldn't stop us from violating the rules for our own safety and of the others.

PS : I wasn't bribed by the traffic authorities or any other concern for that matter.


Monday, January 15, 2007

My Other Blog!!

Hello everybody!!! I have created another blog, a blog for all those music fans out there espcially those who are crazy about film songs. Now this is a quizzical blog where in ill upload preludes and interludes of various cine songs in each post to test your knowledge of music both in tamil and hindi films. I hope you can widen your spectrum of knowledge in music through this (but only in film music). To spice up each post ill also include some trivia about film music.
I would like to thank all my friends who helped me start this blog right from finding a template to various other links to other sites.

check it out right here : Conundrum Of Sonata
Special credits to :
Teal for suggesting an apt blog name
Komal For his help in finding template and making further modifications
NanyaarFor his help again with templates
Prabhu For helping me out with free hosting audio sites
Aparna For her suggestions with the entire layout

Friday, January 12, 2007

Namba Mylai

(Wares dispalyed in the fest. Sorry if its badly shot i shot it using my mobile and the lightings were poor)
This has been the third consecutive year im attending the mylapore festival. Its a four day carnival that brings out in-depth the culture, hertiage and pride this place holds for a long time now. The most famous streets of mylapore is filled with various different stalls exhibiting various things from trinkets to food to books. One can also have their portrait sketched by experts for a much cheaper price. And for gals, they have lots to see and shop from earings to bags to all decorative stuffs to brighten one's home. The food festival is one thing that shouldn't be missed by those who love south indian food. For food lovers you can make a beeline here to whet your appetite. When one lane is adorned with artifacts, the other lane has a beautiful setup of a stage where dramas, light music and other shows are staged. The whole milieu will give an atavistic feeling about the carnival held in rural areas. So for all those who are unaware of this fest do try to catch up every year held just a week ahead of Pongal.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Favourite tunes!!

Being a great lover of music, sometime back i felt i dont seem to like any songs maybe because of absence of ARR from prime time cinema. He did come back with a bang with Rang De Basanti. Most of his other albums recently were quite impressive too. My recent favourites have been..

Munbe Vaa : Beautifully shot (partly abroad) with vibrant hues, the song makes you yearn for something long last. The singers have rendered it very well and have given life to the song. Very soulful music and a wonderful melody. Well no wonder i dont understand the lyrics in the first para not because of the music but maybe cos of the singer who is not used to the language. I have saved this song as my dialer tune. So anyone who calls me can hear this song & as my ringtone as well so even i can hear it everytime my mobile rongs!!And this pic courtesy google is superb luckily stumbled on it.

Newyork Nagaram : This is another disturbing song with amazing music. ARR sure knows which song will suit his voice and has sung very well in his usual stlye. The song is also shot in a different way with frames moving to the left of the screen. One thing is nagging in my mind, the song starts as newyork nagaram but i really wonder whether it was shot in Newyork. The prelude, interlude and everything sure puts you in a state of trance. This song will definitely be among the top favourite songs list of all ARR fans.

Tere Bina : The song is said to be a tribute paid to Nusret Fateh Ali khan. Its quite evident how Nusret has inspired Rahman in his works. Rahman tries to sing in typical Nusret stlye the pitch and everything and its classy. Its quite challenging to shoot a song that has come out well. The beautiful sets and location and the way it has been shot adds a lot of beauty to the already beautiful song. This is what we call aesthetic sense.

I had the opportunity of meeting him once but i was too young to realise what a great musician he is and it was the time he was beginning his career and i was barely 7yrs old. He has done relatively fewer films in hindi but all of them have been simply mind-blowing for instance Rangeela,Lagaan.

And for all those who thinks Rahman has lost his style just stop over-analyzing, Breathe easy and give him a break.

Note: I had drafted this post 3 months back. With few modifications published it now


Friday, January 05, 2007

A careless mistake

I just registered myself in a website few days back, where consumers are allowed to write reviews about any product or places on earth. As i have written a lot of reviews about movies i thought of giving it a shot by joining that website. I got very excited as soon as i registered myself and wanted to write a review immediately. The website lets anyone to read others review,comment and even rate it. So that added all my excitement. But the thing was i dint know how and where to write a review. Since i had recently written a review on the movie veyil i thought of posting it on that website. I searched for links but couldn't find anything for the movie or where to write a review. I clicked some movie(vallavan) on random. and in the right pane suddenly i came across this link "write your own review". I blindfoldedly "copy-pasted" veyil review and submitted it. The nice thing about that website is the moment you write a review it'll be displayed in the homepage until any other user writes another review. So my review was published on the homepage and guess what it was posted under the movie vallavan. A wrong review for a different movie. I panicked cos it was published right on the homepage. I dint know how to go about deleting it.

After my futile attempts to delete the review i found a link where i can edit whatever i had written so i thought of removing whatever i had written about veyil. But i had to fill in the pace with something about vallavan. The best part is i have not even watched a single scene from the movie vallavan and what do i write???and this is what i wrote in haste before anyone tries to find out my blunder.

Its time simbu stops being a copy cat and forget his past and come up with more promising subjects rather than trying to dredge up his own fateful past. He is a real promising writer. His earlier movie was worth a watch but its time he sheds off his attitude and start thinking something worthy and some different contemporary subject and start building a different image for himself if that is what he wishes to achieve. The music is good and wonder why simbu tries to recreate the magic of 'kadhal vandhuduchu' song. Remixing the song was fine and Simbu attempting to copy the looks of kamal was ridiculous. Recreating any kamal’s work is quite daring and its impossible too.

Yuvan has proved his mettle and the Simbu-Yuvan team has worked well in this movie as well. This movie has traces of his previous venture Manmadhan as well. The movie could have been shaped well if they had stayed staunch with the plot which they concieved. The plot seemed to have gone astray and they got totally digressed and ended up in utter chaos.

It took less than a minute for me to write this and i had no clue what i was typing. Whatever words came up in my mind I just kept typing as i had to type a minimum of 500 words. All i tried to do was to disparage the actor since i had no clue about the movie. But i think i was write to a point, whatever i wrote about him.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

A truck load of surprises!!!

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It was 30th of December, saturday morning and i got up really late around 9:30am besides beeps from my mobile which didn't really awake me from my sleep. Though i attended a few calls in my sleep I still couldn't let myself walk out of my bed. I had slept late the previous night cos i was hooked on to a very interesteing book from which i couldn't lay my hands off. Having slept only at 3am, getting up by 9:30 is no crime but hey its my Birthday and how can i let myself being lazy??After waking up i was still in slumber and was contemplating on how to go about my day my special day. The first surprise came in as soon as i got up when i got a call from some unidentified number which i presumed is from an international caller. The caller identified himself as Koushik and i was almost speechless cos i couldn't believe any of this. That was good work Kay keep it up!!And hang on, here comes the SURPRISE OF THE DAY!!Around 11am came my friends Trinity Teal and InteroDonna who sneaked into my house without my knowledge and went straight into my room to surprise with a cake they had just got for me. They then called up my mobile. I was busy reading newspaper sitting in the hall and had apparently missed them sneaking in. When i went to my room to get my mobile, came the shock and suprise and other untold emotions cos I was least prepared for such a surprise. Then the ritual of cutting my cake was done and we all hanged out to get some sumptuous lunch at a Dhaba.

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We decided to catch on the desert at an exclusive place and so decided to walk up to that place. On our way we came across a Book store and we were very much intrigued to explore it and so there we went and spent an hour there. We then headed straight to the icecream shop and some italian delicasies. I then headed to my cousins place and my friend Aparna picked me up and we went to another hangout. But having had too much since morning i couldn't have anything there. But to give company i tried driniking some juice. I then had dinner at a chinese restaurant with my relatives. The food was really good and i was proud that i had tried two different cuisines in a single day. It was almost 10pm by then and instead of having icecreams we decided to visit a coffee pub nearby. We ordered our drinks and were waiting. My cousins secretly went and informed the waiters to get a candle along with my coffee. And there again i had another surprise, they sang me birthday song and hey frankly i never expected. Got back home really late. Cant really expect anything better than this on a Birthday. And needless to mention my phone was ringing interminable the whole day. Innumerable messages and calls which reiterates the fact that there are really caring people around me and im really blessed with in getting to know such people who touch my lives!!

Wishing everyone a very Happy and harmonious Newyear!!