Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Those were the best days of my life...

Two months seemed to have just gone in a whoosh. It was ultimate fun in hyderabad for two months at ILP. I never thought i'll miss these days. The people, the fun, the laughter we shared will remained etched forever in my memory. I never felt so much when i left my college. Most of the days were real hectic but still the ambience was buoyant. We were all sailing in the same boat and there was absolutely no competition amongst us and we learnt a lot especially to mutually coexist. Though most of my colleagues will be joining at the same place I still miss few others or rather our training centre, the bad food and the beautiful roads hyderabad is adorned with.

Time is rolling by and life is changing and im unable to keep pace. I still sit and brood and wish i could turn back time. I visited most of the tourist spots in hyderabad except the very famous film city. Inspite of having a hectic schedule last week, i did quite a lot of shopping and i got back home came with excess baggage and paid the penalty. Yet only four more days out here and again pack my bags to continue my journey of life...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthday Bang!!

Its been almost two months since Im almost out of internet world and i already feel im out of this world. I have been out of touch with too many people and the way things are moving in my life, things are going to be even tougher. I miss most of the people and i dont even find time to read/write blogs which had been my passion for over a year. And i Regret! Life is bad at times and when it comes to compromising all your passion, it feels cruel.

Now let me stop lamenting and conclude with a happy note. My all time Favorite blog has been The MASK . I see to it that i read his blog everyweek no matter whether he updates or not. Sometimes i dont even log into my blog. His blog has been like a great source of inspiration for me. I take this oppurtunity to wish my favorite blogger HARISH A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May he live long and his dreams and aspirations come true.