Friday, December 29, 2006


I have never come across such a raw movie. Rawness in terms of gore and violence. The movie is hard hitting just like the sun in summer. The movie is about the trials and tribulations of the protagonist. A very melodramatic movie with a gamut of emotions interweaved in a classy way. Very rarely are movies made on people whose life ends up in complete failure no matter whatever the path they choose to tread. This is one such movie. The hero runs away from his family at an young age, later finds an employment in a theatre. Falls in love but unfortunately are separated and the girl commits suicide in front of his eyes. The place where he works is shut down and he is back to square one. Tragedy seems to follow him whereever he goes so he goes back to his villiage after 20 years and lives as an unwelcomed guest at his house. Excepting his brother who cares for him. On the contrary his brother manages to head a decent living. Both sides of a coin have been well elicited in the movie. The end isn't all-is-well-tht-ends-well type. Tragedy strikes again!!!

The movie is shot entirely in rural and brings out a typical rural life which im sure the people living in urban wouldn't have witnessed at all. Even the tamil accent is entirely different in the movie and everyone has put an extra load of effort which thoroughly reflects on screen. A touch of reality runs through the movie. The songs in fact,i heard them first while watching the movie and are very impressive. I liked urugudhey and kadhal nerupu the first time i listened to them. The music has been scored by a newcomer who is apparently a nephew of ARR. Sure music runs in their blood and he has proved it. The movie doesn't have an impressive star cast but is definitely worth a watch but not recommended for those who are already going through a dull phase in life.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey that was a cool review.. i think u have good sense for reviewing movies.. and i too liked this movie very much..the songs were picturised is a much watch movie for all as you said..

11:28 AM  
Anonymous adiya said...

mm good review.
G.v prakash i liked the songs for his singer selection and apt stituational songs of 5 diferent varities.

movies its a new formal for shankar getting into a real-story and picturize the same ine adramatic mood kadhal and sequel to it is v.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Raj said...

Hey bulls eye...
as u said the movie was Raw but was hitting like a sun..
Inaway i can feel the style and narration was on foot steps of virumandi..
It was also quite dramatic and interesting to go thro the incidient relating to mistake of posting vallavan instead of veyil.
Good blogging skills. keep it up.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Hell's Angel said...

Anon -> thanks u!!

Adiya -> yes right!!

Raj -> Welcome 2 my blog..yeah tht blunder was a real comedy and thanks a lot ill promise to write even better

7:37 PM  

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