Thursday, June 15, 2006

Diary Writing

I was rummaging my book shelf yesterday when i found this strange book. I have almost completely forgotten that i used to write diary when i was young. Diary writing is almost obsolete now. Probably diary writing now can be related to blogging. I was amazed to read through every page which i had penned down some 10yrs back. This had been my favourite pasttime a few years back. Its quite important to choose a proper past-time as it helps you in a great deal. So from my childhood till now i haven't stopped writing. In yesteryear movies diaries used to serve as a tangible evidence in solving murder mysteries. Not that mine was helpful of that sort but i was able to cherish few memories which i have forgotten now. One being my first experience on the plane, then my short trip on a ship and various other places i visited when i was young and i have recorded all my daily activities. It was good to note that my tastes have completely changed and i have transformed to a whole new person. None of the likes i had mention then matches with those now!!So go hurry ransack your shelves now!!!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This is a much heard topic nowadays.Media has been hyping too much nowadays on all unimportant issues especially on luminaries from bollywood. After the much debated topic concerning Aamir khan now comes the case of an item gal who was apparently kissed nope bit by her friend on her lips. A popular news channel was showcasing this at prime time debating whether she was herself a victim. This is so much a trivial issue (more of her own personal issue) which does not even required to be put up in headlines. Infact i dont see a reason why it needs media attention on the first place. Are the starlets blamable for unnecessarily catching the media's attention to make a quick buck or is the media solely culpable? Looking at various issues brought into limelight recently, it looks more like media has been overdoing things offlate.Maybe to some extent these juicy matters can be allowed. News channels are supposed to showcase news happening in and around the country and not any privy useless issues about anyone.Audiences aren't zany!!


Monday, June 12, 2006


And it rained!!Yeah its been raining here every alternate day at nights for the past one week.No not because i achieved something remarkable but it rained yet no use.Nights are generally cooler in summer thanks to the beach bordering the city.But days are getting warmer and hotter that its almost very difficult to step outside.Even a lazy person sweats a lot in this hot summer.Will there be ever a relief from this summer??Rain usually is a harbinger of hope of an end to warmer days yet it puts us into a trepidation that tomorrow is going to be even more hotter. Its true that Indian climate is quite unpredictable.