Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire - Review

Here goes my take on the movie Harry potter and the goblet of fire. The book if you have read was riveting and the movie does not disappoint you either. Though certain portions from the book has been cut the story moves in an interesting fashion with little cinematic elements added. Harry enter his fourth year at hogwarts and the movie comes with adolescence flavour. All the kids have performed well. The other characters in the movie just flashes around and there's absolutely no mention of the house-elves. Little changes has been made in the movie like harry falling off his broomstick while on his first task. The riddle harry solves before reaching the triwizard cup has been completely removed. The opening scene and climax is scarier than you imagined while reading the book. Ralph Fiennes plays Lord Voldermort and his handsome face is distorted to suit the role. Cedric looks really charming and a really pathetic end to him.

Rita skeeter's scoop is supposed bring a stir at hogwarts but the impact is not much felt. One thing that annoyed me in the movie was dumbledore's character which was portrayed in a funny way and doesn't convince you at all that he is the greatest of all wizards. You find him walking by holding his robe often(like little gals holding their 'pavadai')really irritates you and the character loses all its shine. The second half was bit of a drag and the editing could have been done better. Most of the scenes looked crammed in, like the Yule ball. Not much has been show cased about it as in the book. I enjoyed really well by screaming and yelling and booing along with the crowd. It took almost an hour to get back my hearing sense. The movie has been directed assuming that everyone watching the movie has read the book. So if you are planning to watch the movie read the book and then go and have a gala time!!



Blogger Dino said...

Nice review. Amazing then... cant wait 2 c HP4. Just waitin 4 my exams 2 get ovr...

8:47 PM  
Blogger Trinity Tealâ„¢ said...

kewl review, partially reflects upon my views as well.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Hell's Angel said...

dino - thanx for dropping.. the movie was good!!
trinity teal - may be v think on the same wavelength

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good review, but i must disagree with your views on Dumbledore. For the first time Harry realises that Dumbledore is human after all and he is not a know-it-all. Dumbledore's despiration is apt, and it comes across in the book as well. You must read between the lines...

7:43 PM  
Blogger Hell's Angel said...

Anonymous -> whoever u r i agree with dumbledore's desparation or watever but his portrayal in the movie is not apt at all...i mean the guy who played the character doesn't fit in well!! alright?

8:18 PM  

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