Friday, December 29, 2006


I have never come across such a raw movie. Rawness in terms of gore and violence. The movie is hard hitting just like the sun in summer. The movie is about the trials and tribulations of the protagonist. A very melodramatic movie with a gamut of emotions interweaved in a classy way. Very rarely are movies made on people whose life ends up in complete failure no matter whatever the path they choose to tread. This is one such movie. The hero runs away from his family at an young age, later finds an employment in a theatre. Falls in love but unfortunately are separated and the girl commits suicide in front of his eyes. The place where he works is shut down and he is back to square one. Tragedy seems to follow him whereever he goes so he goes back to his villiage after 20 years and lives as an unwelcomed guest at his house. Excepting his brother who cares for him. On the contrary his brother manages to head a decent living. Both sides of a coin have been well elicited in the movie. The end isn't all-is-well-tht-ends-well type. Tragedy strikes again!!!

The movie is shot entirely in rural and brings out a typical rural life which im sure the people living in urban wouldn't have witnessed at all. Even the tamil accent is entirely different in the movie and everyone has put an extra load of effort which thoroughly reflects on screen. A touch of reality runs through the movie. The songs in fact,i heard them first while watching the movie and are very impressive. I liked urugudhey and kadhal nerupu the first time i listened to them. The music has been scored by a newcomer who is apparently a nephew of ARR. Sure music runs in their blood and he has proved it. The movie doesn't have an impressive star cast but is definitely worth a watch but not recommended for those who are already going through a dull phase in life.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Casino Royale

The name is Bond James Bond and the movie ends. And i really liked the way it ends. If this line had been introduced during the first few scenes it would have been all the more fun. Most of you must have read about the movie now (and even i watched it a month ago) and im sure you are aware of the fact that its an unusual bond movie in the sense that there are no gadgets and bond doesn't flaunt too much with the futuristic electronic components. Perhaps this movie must have released a decade ago in an era where the gadgets weren't important enough. In the first half chase where craig chases the african was indeed intriguing initially until the jacky-chan-ish jumping styles were brought in which dwarfed all my hopes for the movie. In the second half, the focus is on the game they play in the casino which im sure if one isn't aware of the rules will not understand anything!!when Eva green gets introduced i was able to easily sense that she'll turn into a traitor. So that twist is in the end wasn't unexpected. But Daniel Craig has done a commendable role in playing a bond and he surely fits the role to the T. Only the first half i felt was a major let down. The movie is worth a watch once.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

X-mas fanfare

I have been doing a lot of shopping lately and im surprised to see a lot of shops gearing up for christmas. Its been quite baffling. Few years back all these christmas gala can be spotted only in specific shops like cake shops or anyother exclusive shops. Now i see christmas tree in almost every place in chennai be it hotel or shops or any place. Is it a strategy that they use to attract customers or some kind of a fashion or the cliched "copying the west"??Anyway for all those who are going to merry during christmas Wishing you a Happy christmas.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES!!!i have blogged too much about it. From reviews to movie trends and what not!! But still im finding it difficult to digress from this topic. There were times when i was very busy with school, studies(yeah i was a sincere student during my 12th!!) that i was completely out of touch with movies. Also i used to be choosy in watching movies. I was not comfortable in watching any crap that comes up. But everything changed after i entered college. I started watching a lot of (read as loads of) movies irrespective of language. There used to be a race like who watched maximum number of movies. And now this year in theatres alone i have watched 15 movies apart from those i watched in CDs. God when i went for vacation i watched a lot of movies on CDs which probably forced me to write more and more about movies. People always complain that movies are crap but still watch and i fall into that category. The whole perspective of films has undergone a sea of change definitely not a radical change maybe in terms of technical aspects yes. But still cant really name one movie and say this is a magnum opus. Are shankar/Mani Ratnam movies always best??

Once i read an article on Mani Ratnam where they discussed about why he hasn't recieved a national award for best director yet. Some said it is because it is the top most honroray award in India and his prowess cannot be confined or defined by any awards. And some commented saying that most of his movies are remakes like thiruda thiruda(butch cassidy and the sundance kid), thalapathi (mahabharatha), nayakan(godfather) and list goes. It isn't a copy or a remake just an adaptaion or inspiration of some concept. Well if remakes are welcomed nowadays why inspired concepts infused in some contemporary subjects are worstly crticized?


Sunday, December 03, 2006


DHOOM MACHALE!!!!Hrithik is a con artist who does his job all alone with utmost perfection. He doesn't trust anybody until he meets Ash. Ash who becomes his partner in crime first is actually a traiter but later falls for him and the story rolls. The movie is full of energy. Hrithik has done an outstanding job. Bips comes as a glamorous cop in the first half and a sizzling hottie in the second half. The movie is full of skimpily clad women and wonder why the chopras claim that they've been aesthetically shot and doesn't appear vulgar? The climax has the bike chase scene and Abhishek's bike doesn't even look appealing. And yeah everytime Hrithik does some robbery he leaves his ID "A" chiselled in a metal just like kamal does in guru a yesteryear flick of his where he leaves an eagle(if im right!!??!!)

When i was in my 10th std, the movie Kaho na pyar hai released and they proclaimed him that 'A star is born' and now i think he is re-born. After KNPH he had a string of flops and yes koi mil gaya and krrish were hits but his performance weren't as stunning as this. After KNPH really couldn't adore him in other movies. But if this movie had released then, perhaps i would've worshipped him as demi-god. The way he pulls of heists so brilliantly, the gravity defying stunts and the way he dons each costume and make-up is simply mind-numbing. And dance, he is sure the best. He is so flexible and his steps are flawless. Ash too tries to steal the show but others do not have nothing to do in the movie. I dint like Dhoom 1 that much but this movie appealed me so much. It surpasses even Don. Dhoom 2 is more fast-paced!!!

Uday comes as a add-on and tries (tires) with his one-liners. Abhishek i felt has nothing to do, infact anybody could've done his role. It doesn't leave a standing impression on you. And the female who comes as abhishek's wife seem to only eat in all her scenes. Ash looks stunning and dances well. Dont miss the song that comes after the credit starts rolling. Ash-Hrithik rocked!!The only thing thats missing in the movie is perhaps why hrithik pull off all the heists or to be precise a plot. And the other fallacy is logic. Anyway movie sans logic are nothing but bollywood flicks. This is a wholesome entertainer and anybody who has seen this movie can vouch for a tremondous thrilling and enjoyable experience. Coming from the bandwagon of yashraj films one can sure expect beautiful locales and luckily no romantic song sequences in swiss alps. If you have read sidney sheldon's "If tomorrow comes" then you'll definitely agree the movie is based on that book not entirely but atleast 70% Plagiarism? And one more thing even non-hindi speakers can understand this movie quite well even without sub-title.(pics: courtesy google)

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