Saturday, September 23, 2006

Reminiscing part - 4 - coll life

Its been a long time since i blogged about my nostalgic times. After 8 months im continuing this reminiscing part. Lets walk down the memory lane some 1.5 years back. I was in my sixth semester and our dreary morning session started. It was my Economics & financial accounting class and our lectureer kept droning on something about demand and supply, the law of supply. I instantly fell asleep. Suddenly she called out my name to ask a question. My friend woke me up and i managed to stand up. Then she questioned me something in demand and supply. I had no clue what she was talking about. I just stared at her. She asked me to refer my notes and answer. Long gone are the days i used to take notes in class. At that time took notes in scraps of paper available all individual sheets of varying sizes. I glanced through whatever i had tried scribbling on it. Nothing made sense. She came to my table and was shocked to see my notes. She told me "if you give this to my son he'll use this for making paper rockets". That was supposed to be an insult. I was about to say even ill be doing that once you walk out of the class but just then i was reminded of etiquette manners in a class.

She then tried to intimidate me by saying that this subject is a very very tough one. Its very difficult to score in this paper and that i will not even scrape through this subject. She gave me few statistics that even the top scorer had failed in this subject the previous year. I felt happy and contended hearing all her praise. But nothing can boost or dissuade my confidence. I was unshaken. I as usual prepared at the last minute and all her words flooded back in my memory on the eve of my exam. I felt whatever she said was true and im never gonna scrape through this subject. But little did she knew that i scored a very decent score. I got around 84% which shocked me as well. Sometimes our marks are always inversely proportional to the subject knowledge especially it hold true for engineerring subjects. But in this case i did have some knowledge..


Monday, September 18, 2006


This is not a review about any movie. Thanks to the blogging world everyone has their own space where they rave and rant about everything. Nowadays i find most of them fill their page writing reviews about movies they watched recently. And something like a fashion statement they point out all the maximum possible loopholes in a movie. A movie be it good or bad is worth a little praise. Most of them have the habit of reading reviews about any movie before they watch it. Those days the resources were very little but nowadays the internet offers a cornucopia of resources. And most of the people write in such a way that they cause maximum damage to the movie. Wonder nowadays people watch movies just to criticize it. They take pride in pointing out silliest of deviation in the movie. "hey this strand of hair was longer in the first frame, now how did it get shorter in the 2nd" and some crap like that. The directors of the movie should be open about all sort of criticisms about their movies but nowadays there seem to be only criticism and maximum humliation about the movies. And if all the movies are such a crap for heaven sakes take a break and dont watch!!Instead of slandering the movie and not letting others to watch it as well. The same goes with music reviews. In a way you'll be hampering the success of the movie.

P.S.1 : Im not being paid by the film chambers for this article..:-D
P.S.2 : Im no part of the industry except being a valuable viewer


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Love of my Life - 2

Same day two years back had been a disastrous day in my life. I lost my dog which happened to die suddenly due to sickness. People say time is a good healer especially for pain. But i feel time has deepened the sorrows and wounds in me. Always the pain left by them is more excruciating than the happiness we shared with them. The more I talk about it the more it hurts. Wonder why I feel the sameway i felt two years back when it left us. I stop with here...:-(

NOTE : This is my 50th post