Monday, August 06, 2007

Regularly Irregular

Its void. Its been two months since I updated anything in my blog. I have not been posting regularly for the past four months too. I am not stuck with writers block or whatever blog jargon we call it with. Also I am in no mood to simply post something to keep my blog alive.

But then my link is almost dead for long and its high time I rescue it. This is not any come back posts because I am already there present just that I have been a silent spectator of everyone's blog including mine. Today I had time in the morning so just thought of going through evreyone's blog which made me realise I have been living in blackhole. I have had a enjoyed every moment in blog world and I have been missing all this joy lately. I have been totally cut out of this world.
Now I am trying to slowly help my blog limp back to its normal state and continue blogging which is one of my passion. Hope that I can live up to the promise :-)