Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Weekend trip

The weekend fever has caught up everybody's life nowadays. Those days there were no weekends, sunday used to be the only respite from busy days. Well this is some positive sign in westernization. I had been to a hill station, Yelagiri, which is some 3 hours drive from chennai. This hill station is a not-so-famous place. Its not much of a commercialized hill station like ooty and kodaikanal in Tamilnadu. This place is rich with abundant sources of vegetation. The soil is fertile. So if you own a piece lan, you can grow varieties of fruits and vegetables. We reached there sunday afternoon. There are lots of villages there and we visited a few villages there and i was shocked seeing the places still under-developed. Probably thats why we call them villages?? If you haven't gone there by car you'll have to visit all the places by walk. There are buses but the frequency of their trip is less. After dusk its pretty unsafe to walk as reptiles might creep and crawl around. We got wet in rain that night and it rained incessantly throught the night.

The next day morning we decided to go on a small trek in a himmock just behind the place where we stayed. The path looked like nobody had ever traversed it. If you are looking for any sign of roads there you wont find any. You'll have to figure your own way to reach the top. Since it rained the previous night the soil was loose and the way to the top of the hill was all slippery. Suddenly there were steep rocks which we climbed with much struggle. At last we reached the top of the mountain which was all rocky. we couldn't really climb up the rock as there were no clefts in the rock. It was wondeful to be on the top of the hill, the early morning breeze caressing our cheeks. We felt little cold but we were lost in admiring the beauty of the nature and the amazing view from the top of the hill. If you are looking for a serene looking place to chill out then this is THE place!!!