Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lousy Ad

I just saw a advertisement on TV. I have never ever seen such a lousy ad. Its some battery advertisement where a village will be robbed by some theives at nights. So the villagers will buy this battery and will stand near the village and light up the sky with torch. The theives will think that it had dawned ealy and will get back. Totally absurd!!!


Saturday, November 25, 2006


DON KO PAKADNA MUSHKIL HI NAHI NAMUMKIN HAIN!!! If you are wondering how different is the new Don from the original version, then that line is the answer. This movie directed by Farhan Akhtar has made a conscious and audacius effort in not replicating the original. He has come up with some new twists in the end well if not for this the movie isn't worth watching. Shahrukh looks old but anyway that doesn't matter to the character he plays here. Priyanka seem to come as a mere eye-candy has nothing much to perform. Farhan has roped in galaxy of stars in the movie and at times its a bit difficult to remember all the characters. A very technically advanced movie which is shot mostly in different parts of Malaysia. The movie was totally an enjoyable ride!!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

Birthday again this time to my blog. Yeah time seemed to have rolled by fast. Its a year since i started blogging. I have not been that regular. Infact i have posted too many "come-back" posts. I have posted nearly 56 posts which is decent enough. I have certainly strived in not making my blog go dead. Blog is definitely wonderful place to write,think,ponder,crib,scream,villify, whine et all.. One wants to try all these that can be done in a blog. When you want yourself to be heard here it is just a click away!!I think i have improved considerbly in this one year from my first post till now. Haven't I??

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hero of the Millennium

He's the only star i have liked since my childhood. Needless to talk about his acting prowess and the gamut of talent he possesses. He underplays every role he's offered with aplomb. Nobody can get into the skin of the character like he does. I watched his latest flick 'Vettaiyadu Vilayadu' twice in theatres and im spell bound still. He has acted in various languages and has given a stunning performance in all. He celebrates his 52nd Birthday today. I wish he continues to entertain us till the very last of his breath. He sure has a long way to go!!!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Movie Trends

The latest trend in movies is quite baffling. The quality of movies has gone on a down-hill in the sense that the aesthetic way of making films has been lost in the recent trend. Now the focus is more on subjects thats creates quite a stir in the society like subject on infidelity. Its not that they are showcasing something that is not happening now but the way they portray things is quite frustrating. They can go beyond a point of being indecent but not to a state were we flinch our face while watching it. Is it because of the fact they have ran out of subjects or just for making quick buck that they are depending on such gross subjects. This is more seen in bollywood where skin shows only fetch money.

Looking at all these i thought of a PJ
Wife(about her husband) : I dont know if i can love him as much as he loves me cos im in live with some1 else....

This should be the bottom line of the movie KANK which i watched recently and put me in a state of frustration more than the subject , the length of the movie really put me off my mind. I hate the movie not just cos of the fact that i couldn't digest the story line but it was not really convincing in the end. The hero and heroin seemed more like a villain in the end for walking out of wedlock. The reason why they part with their respective husband and wife wasn't justified properly.
Anyway this isn't quite a healthy trend and will definitely do no good to posterity.. This is no astonishing discovery but just a mere fact.