Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tagged after a long time

It has been close to one year since i wrote a tag post. So now im tagged by KSR where im supposed to answer 10 different questions conceived by him.

1.One thing you are very much afraid of?
  • Afraid of sleeping alone after watching a scary movie..:-P
2.Two incidents you can never forget in your life?
  • The day my dog died
  • The day i went abroad for the first time(??)(as of now)(the answers are bound to change)
3.Three books you would love reading again and again?

Now this is a tough choice. Being a book-worm its highly difficult to choose the best, anyways
  • A matter of Honor by Jeffery Archer
  • Love story by Eric Segal
  • The Great Train Robbery by Micheal Crichton
4.Four women who are most beautiful?

(well judging by looks)
  • Aishwarya Rai
  • Catherine zeta Jones
  • Maduri Dixit
  • Madhubala(yesteryear actress)
5.Five of you favorite food items?

Im this "eat to live"type. Dont enjoy relishing food much.Im fond of eating all snacks.
  • Idly + tomato chatni
  • Pizza
  • Any pulao variety
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Nan with any tandoori side dish
6.Six words you use very often oral/written?
  • I see
  • I know
  • yup
  • hey
  • ****
  • cool
7.Seven things you like about yourself?
  • Perseverance
  • Friendly
  • Prompt
  • Helpful
  • Tolerance
  • Adjustable
  • Never hurt anyone by words/action
8.Eight film personalities who are your all time favorites?

Now this is my subject..;-) (pictures courtesy google)

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  • Kamal Hasan (I have been a fan of him since my childhood)
  • Hrithik Roshan (I used to be a gr8 fan of him during KNPH days after dhoom 2 again gone crazy)
  • A.R.Rahman
  • Ilayaraja
  • Mani Ratnam
  • Gautham Menon
  • Harris Jeyaraj (his music composing has been growing on a great deal)
  • Aishwarya Rai
Besides them I was a great fan of Rajesh khanna,Rishi kapoor,Nadiya,Shahrukh khan in my school days.

9.Nine movies you wont mind watching again and again?
  • Micheal Madana kamarajan (no count)
  • Anbe Sivam (just once but would love to watch any number of times)
  • Kill Bill (watched it just twice)
  • Idhayathai Thirudadhey (close to 8 times)
  • Dilwale Dulhaniya le jaayenge (just 3 times..:-P)
  • Roja (watched atleast 10 times)
  • Mouna Ragam
  • Kaadhalika Neramillai
  • Kaasethaan Kadavulada (Rollicking movie of yesteryear, B/W movie)
10.Ten songs you would like to listen to everyday?

Hmm..This is a tough choice as well. There are too many songs i would like to listen daily!!Let me include few latest ones
  • Kaadha kavidaigal (Gopura vasailie)
  • Unakul naane (PKMC)
  • Un siripinil (PKMC)
  • Tere Bina (Guru)
  • Munbe va (SOK)(one of my all time favorite melody, this is my caller tune as well ;-))
  • Andhi Mazhai
  • Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams)
  • Dil kya kare(Julie)
  • Zindagi ke safar(Aap ki kasam)
  • Na jaane mere dil ko(DDLJ)(I dont know why this song is haunting my mind i always seem to hum this song) (I have loaded that song courtesy youtube)

I loved answering the last three questions. Now im tagging the following people


Monday, February 26, 2007

Pachaikili Muthucharam

(Pics courtesy :

Sharath is a happy family man with a loving and beautiful wife and a lovely kid. So what can go wrong to this happy family? The movie is about the husband's infidelity, how he slips away a little and because of that how he jeopardises his life as well as his family's. Its about how he brings back the peace in his family. The first half takes off at a sluggish pace and suddenly you'll begin to wonder whether the movie is on the same lines of KANK. The second half proves that its totally wrong. Its quite likely that people can get into such kind of mishaps in this big bad world. Anything can happen to us anytime no matter how safe and secure we are thats the implicit message the movie gives. This isn't any gautham's movie but anyway he has mentioned that its an inspiration from the novel "The Derailed". Jothika comes in an all-together different role though the role she dons in second half doesn't suit her much. Andrea plays sharath kumar's wife and looks too young for him. As a newcomer she has performed what one might expect and looks gorgeous. Milind soman fits the role of a local thug perfectly and his problem with lip sync is so blatant. The climax could have been made better. Its sort of very sloppy and the fate of the heroin is similar to that of usual gautam's movie. I felt this movie bearable cos i know how frustrated i was after watching KANK.

The songs are truly inspiring. Ive become fond of the complete album and i cannot single out any song and say this is best. Harris Jeyaraj has indeed come a long way and proved his best yet again. The movie starts off with "un siripinil" a very mesmerizing melody. Its a romantic number and the picturization reminds one of gautam's earlier songs "Onra rendra" and "Paartha mudal naale". The "Kaadhal konjam" song is sung by Naresh Iyer and he has sung it with the "Roobaro" style. Gautam's favourite Bombay Jayshree has rendered her voice for "unakul naane" song and the choreography has been good but has traces of gautam's earlier works. I just cant stop listening to the violin interlude. Its so amazing and beautifully played. Here is that piece :


There are a lot of cracks in the movie for instance the script isn't taut. "un siripinil" song is repeated twice and the camera could have been handled better. The first few scenes the camera was oscillating aimlessly. Also Sharath kumar has lost in touch with acting completely. He doesn't even emote well in songs and his face is just bland devoid of emotions. The movie on the whole was not all that bad and can be watched once. Its better than some of the craps i watched last year.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Believe it

One Sunday morning i got a call from my friend. She asked me to come to a theater (supposedly a multiplex) to watch a movie. Well let me see if i divulge the movie name later in this post if i have guts. The movies hero is "He-who must-not be-named" for it'll create a bad impression on me if i confide in his name as well. I had no time so i just hurried myself and got ready to reach the theater which is located 10-15kms from my house(well for watching movies does distance matter?) . I reached the theater and joined my friend there. Later one of my schoolmate joined. I felt too embarrassed to stand in the queue and ask for the ticket so i persuaded my friend to do that job. Moments later she came back saying the show is running houseful. I couldn't believe my ears. We burst out laughing and found it hard to control it. We kept murmuring "How is this possible" , "I don't believe this" phrases. Brushing aside our bad luck we went inside the mall and had fun watching a 3-D movie. We were given the goggles to wear and only we three sat inside that hall (well the capacity is only 10 & the show is only for 15mins). We kept screaming and shouting as if fear was gripping in us. The room was total raucous and at one point felt we'll be thrown out of the place. It was total fun!!

So that is how our evening ended. Later we did some shopping and proceeded to have our dinner. We went to an exclusive place where they serve pizzas and that place had a special offer "pay 100 bucks each and have unlimited pizza". So we decided to take the gamble and ordered three different pizzas and ate and ate and ate till we nearly got choked. By the time I finished my dinner i could hardly breathe and was wobbling by. I was so fully satiated that i dint dare eat anything for almost a day.

And now i have gathered up enough courage to let out the movies name. The movie was 'veerasamy'. It was such a disgrace that we couldn't get tickets for this movie and that too in a multiplex. Has the public gone that crazy or just everybody felt like having their taste of happiness/fun by watching this movie? My friend wanted to watch this movie for fun and i reluctantly agreed to join her..:-( Despite missing the movie we still had a hilarious time.


Monday, February 19, 2007

My Best Friend

There's always this saying that "Books are ones best friend" and here let me list out some of my favorite authors books.

  • Eric Segal :

I started reading his books only during my college days and the first book i read was Love Story. It is a very simple story but i was marveled at it. The way he weaved through the story was outstanding. I read all his books later except Acts of faith.
The Class is yet another truly inspiring book. Doctors,Prizes and Only Love were also too good ones. All his books are riveting and more of emotional sagas but are worth a read!!!

  • Jeffery Archer :

I started reading his novels when i was in my 10th std. I like his books but not all his novels were good. Kane and Abel(& sequels) , Sons of Fortune , A matter of Honor were awesome!! I tried reading some of his other works and couldn't continue cos i felt them too boring.

  • Sidney Sheldon :

I'm done with all his books and sadly he just passed away a few days back. May his soul RIP. His works are fit to be just directed into a movie and nothing much can we really learn from his books other than his style of language. Most books are trashy yet he was intelligent enough to make it gripping.

  • J.K.Rowling's books are a nice pass time!!

I'm currently reading Micheal Crichton's works!!His books are truly insightful. He rightly blends facts and fiction and his books might be beyond intellectual reach of few people. :-P


Monday, February 12, 2007

Three days three states

Yesterday (Sunday) I had been to a temple in Andhra pradesh. I got up early in the morning by 5:30am and we started off to this temple at 6:30am. It was a four hour drive from the city and kudos to the highway department the roads are wonderfully laid that it makes your journey so comfortable. No boulders, no pots and pits anywhere to be found. The temple is famous for Lord Vinayaka (swayambu -> formed on its own on a rock) and another mystery about the place is that water seeps from under the rock where the God is placed and anointed. This historic temple is located in Kanipakam in Andhra Pradesh near the village chitoor. This place is almost on the way to thiruthani. Even if one isn't pious, one should go and check out the nature's beautiful work of carving the rock in the shape of the Lord.Later we went to vellore and spent time at our relatives place and got back home at 7pm in the evening and thats quite a timing.

And today im very much in chennai and tomorrow might be leaving off to bangalore if the situation there isn't any bad. So thats about "three days in three state".