Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blogs banned

Blogs are blogged in India due to some terrorists infiltration in the blog world. Hell and this is why i had faced problem in accessing my blog earlier. Thats quite not a welcoming decision by the Indian bloggers who are regular. Some are very furious. But these terrorists can find other loopholes,afterall blogging came into existnce only few years back and terrorists organizations did exist and exchanged information before that. But maybe Indian government think they are tyring to do something in inhibiting the activities of the terrorists. But for most bloggers, blogs has rendered a fascinating expeience in venting out our feelings, sharing our thoughts so even i would partially disagree with the governments move. But still we have found out another way out to access our blogs. In this world of internet anythiing is possible.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blogger trouble

I have been having trouble with the blogspot. I was not able to open my blog for about a fortnight. I wont say thats the reason why i have not been able to update much. However i was able to login my account through blogger. Blogging is sure a relishing experience though i haven't been quite regular. My blog was spammed??or hacked?? I dont think i wrote any profanities in my blog nor did i attempt to tarnish anyone. I just tried to create a place for myself in this behemoth world of cyber space. Ok somehow i got my blog back with the help of little work of intellect. Thanks my brain cells did work. So i can continue my work back here and try to be regular.