Saturday, March 24, 2007


Our team India has bitterly disappointed us. Last world cup we were the runners up team and more than half the players who played then are playing this time as well. World class batsman and bowlers yet we've recoiled so badly. Something is wrong somewhere with the team. We've to hopelessly pray for Bermuda to win against Bangladesh. Hope the media doesn't make a big issue out of this after all this is just a sport and hope they dont waste time talking about this in parliament. Be a sport. Breath easy!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Songs that touch us!!

This song has been haunting in my mind for too long!! I usually dont follow up the lyrics in any song cos i always have the habit of appreciating only the music. Yet this one made a deep impact in me. The lyrics so beautifully penned just keeps floating in my mind. All pure magical verses!! Language to us has been a mere medium of communication and it has also had a striking effect in technological advancement. Yet the words in this song adds a new dimension to it. Im sure most of them will enjoy this song!!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


The TN government is going to enforce a rule for two-wheelers to compulsorily wear helmets from June. This is perhaps arriving late here but nevertheless they are trying to do something significant which is worth a mention. Honestly speaking i have been using helmets for the past two years and whenever i go out without a helmet i feel so vulnerable. Most of the deaths occurring to motorists during accidents is because of head injury which apparently can be avoided by wearing helmets. And one more startling change they are bringing is fixing up of digital meters in all the autos. Ah that is something which is really surprising. The government has given them a stipulated time and have warned them if they dont fix it up within that time they'll cancel the license of the autos. Now thats a boon to all those who depend on those fleecing auto drivers. So now everyone can vainly hope that they no longer cheat. Hopefully the policemen doesn't accept any bribe and punish the law-breakers(atleast those who flout the above two mentioned).


Sunday, March 11, 2007


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I dont think i can find any words in any language to describe about this movie. It certainly cant be described using any superlative degree or positive adjectives in any language. Its a step beyond all those words. Kollywood should be proud of such a movie. Jothika sadly departs film industry after giving a stunning performance in this movie. Prakash Raj plays a down-to-earth character and plays it with much ease. He literally makes you fall off the chair. Such a rollicking comedy with no sexual innuendos or double en tenders. The movie is about a positive way of looking at things and leading a life with no repents or regrets. The movie has been fine-drawn with a refinement of reasoning. Prithvi Raj has also done a neat job. Jothika's confidence exudes throughout the movie and that disability isn't going to deter from leading a happy life has been elicited well.

The music is very inspiring and lets you feel it. "Kaatrin Mozhi" song has been composed well and the lyrics too has been written well. Even silence is a language and one scene in the movie lets you feel that silence as well. Each scene has been so well-crafted carefully. Jothika's fear, her preconceived notions and how she overcomes that couldn't have been justified better than this. There are a lot of subtle moments in the movie that lets you ponder things for a while. On the whole the movie is totally mind blowing. I strongly recommend everyone to watch this movie. More than watching one should feel it and the movie actually overwhelms one with a sense of tangibility.


Thursday, March 08, 2007


Last week i was coming with my friend in train. We got down at the central and she said she wanted to check her weight in the weighing machine mainly to check her fortune. I totally do not believe in fortune or whatever. So for her sake tried the weighing machine there. She inserted the coin and hurray the machine gulped down the coin and dint give us the card. I tried kicking and hammering the machine but it did not budge. So we went and tried another machine and wow even this one did not respond. So i tried this time and believe this, the machine immediately responded and i got that little card and immediately we looked behind the card to read the fortune and it said

"Sudden travel and change of place may be imminent. Be prepared!"

Well I still dont believe that it has come true so soon!!!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Swaaras in interludes

I have been listening to a lot of tamil songs recently especially for the sake of my other blog. I have been posting most of Ilayaraja's songs there and found that he has used violin, guitar and other percussions more in interludes. Rahman has been using them too but he created his own distinct style in composing music using other instruments as well. For instance, im sure most of the people came to know about saxaphone more cos of the movie duet. Also he has used swaras in most of the songs even in BGMs no matter whether the songs sounds little carnatic or not. This has not been attempted by others that frequently. Ofcourse swaras form the basis of music yet most of the MD's interpret them using instruments. Let me enlist few of those songs with swaras.

  • Nila kaigiradhu (Indhira) : This is a very beautiful song sung by Harini and these swaras add even more beauty to the song and sounds more divine. Listen it here:

Nila Kaaigirathu.m...

  • Jeans : The theme music as well as the kannodu kaanbadhellam song comes with swaras. But it sounds too professional.


  • Fana (Ayutha ezuthu) : A very famous song from this movie which is shot in a discotheque. There is this pre-conceived notion that swaras are usually included carnatic based songs. This is a very peppy number and the swaras beautifully flow through.


  • Bombay BGM : I just cant stop listening to this very beautiful BGM from Bombay. This BGM comes whenever Aravind Swamy sees Manisha koirala before their marriage.

Pa Sa Ni Sa duet.m...

  • Tere Bina (Guru) : A lovely song from the movie guru, more of qawali type with awesome swaras in interludes


And the list goes on...

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