Thursday, December 29, 2005

My ruined weekend

Only a few more hours left for me to merry in my teenage. Yes tommorrow i'll be turning 20..:(..2mrw is my birthday,31st newyear eve celebration and then sunday Newyear celebration. Dont you think its a triple bonanza for me. Dont you think i should be freaking out and having a blast?But no. I got my exam on monday a damn paper about which i dont even have a slightest clue. I should have written this exam on 28th Novemeber but it got postponed twice and ruined all my celebration. And a humble request to my fans(kindly bear with the exaggeration of this statement) please dont call me tonight at 12am and wish me i maynot attend your calls. And also i belong to the "Morning sleep lovers" community and i wish to do justice to the community even on my birthday so plan yourself and call accordingly. All gifts are welcome and kindly send it via snail mail.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Wave of disaster

Its been a year since the tsunami hit our country. Same time last year I was in Chidambaram a town which is 20km from cuddalore. We started from chennai on 25th December afternoon and went there via pondicherry,cuddalore route. We reached there by night and the next day morning we got up early to attend an auspicious ceremony at the temple. We wanted to start early cos everybody had to get to work the next day. The town was not much of a sophisticated place and we got a news that the sea has inundated the coastal areas and had engulfed people. I thought this is just another rumour spread by these people cos we've never heard of tsunami at all.We dint know anybody there and so we couldn't even check it out on tv. So we thought it would be better if leave as early as possible. We went to cuddalore around 12pm. A lot of people were standing in the cuddalore bus stop and food was being supplied to them. Only then did we realise that something has really happened. Almost all the shops were closed and we felt very hungry. At last we found a hotel and had our lunch at cuddalore. Then we went to pondicherry and found it hard to find a petrol bunk to load our car. We took a audacious step to go via ECR and thankfully the tollgate was open and ours was the only car on the road throughout our journey on that road till we reached chennai. The roads were splashed with water as if it had just rained and we saw many people stranded on the roads with their family leaving behind their home and not knowing where to go and what to do. It was a very sickening sight. We had travelled along most worstly-hit areas. We reached home by 7 and were very shocked to watch the horrifying scenes on the tv. May god show mercy on us!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Got up early in the morning today by 7:15am(slept the previous night only by 2:30am). Then got ready to board my college bus. I was waiting in the bus stop not knowing whether the bus had left or not(thankfully didn't). I dint know whether i was floating in dreams or walking in reality. I was wondering all through my journey whether everything happening was real or not. As soon as i reached my college i got a deja vu' feel cos its been almost a month since i went to college.Then i caught glimpse of familiar faces and jumped back to reality. There i was in college doing my last minute prep for my exam andrealised oh yeah i've been here for more than 3 years. The exam was a debacle. My mind was racing with thoughts about everything other than the subject. I was in wonderland and on and off jump to reality to scribble something on the answer paper. I used the age old technique of writing pages after pages about nonsense and nothing related to the subject. Hope i clear this paper with decent marks. If at all miracles happen then let it happen for me. After all i had cleared control systems and DSP.Later went to the library where i had dues for about Rs.64. Hmm..never spent so much on books in my college life. But somehow bargained and paid only Rs.50. Hope my next exam wont be as disastrous today's.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Reminiscing - Part 3 - coll days!!

Ever had a english lecturer who speaks pathetic english?? I have had the luxury of having one such lecturer in my college. Unbeleivable?eh? Once he gave us an assignment(which generally determines our internal marks) to complete & as usual myself & my friend dint submit. We were sitting in the first bench(ironic??) that year. Later he distributed those assignments and gave me & my friend a paper to mark those numbers which he reads out so that he can easily find out those who haven't submitted it. Myself and my friend marked our numbers and he dint even realise that he had not handed over any papers to us and did not question us too. Infact we were sitting "right under his nose". He was grilling the other students and was threating them that they'll lose their internals. I have never come across such a dumb(es...t..) lecturer ever.Anyway thanks to him we had great time that semester. Though i did not carry on that method, i never submitted any assignment on time. Also once I rescued my friend from his class telling him that my friend is wanted immediately at the office. He immediately sent her and we went to canteen. Those were happy days of my college life!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Tribute to the Love of my Life

Today being my dog's birthday thought of dedicating an article to it. I was 10 years old when it was brought home and was very scared of it. How it became the love of my life isn't a long story. I showered too much love on it. The way it used to greet me whenever i come home jumping and licking can never be forgotten. Still whenever i come home my eyes invariably looks for it. It was not well tamed and used to tear everything thats lying around from papers to my dresses. I dont really wish to add furthermore cos i feel like resurrecting the ghosts of my past. I always prayed that i shouldn't be around when it breaths it last but unfortunately i was the only witness of that scene. I screamed and cried and still cannot hold back my tears when i think about it. There has not been a single i haven't thought about my dog since its death. Teddy,my dear, i will love you forever!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Battered Chennai

God seem to have answered all our prayers and has shown too much mercy on us. The unprecedented rains has wreaked a lot of havoc and chaos in most parts of the city causing a deluge of problems for the residents. The rivers threatening to break in at any time.Nobody in their wildest dreams would have ever imagined chennai to be inundated because of rains. We cant really blame the rains for flooding the suburbs because most of the houses were built on dry river beds. Can you beleive this pic?? Its the adyar river almost touching the bridge at saidapet. With more rains to lash the city wonder whether chennai can really survive another disaster. The relief measures thankfully has not been that sluggish. Chennai already witnessed a natural disaster last year Tsunami, the killer waves and this time its the floods. We prayed for water and now we fear for it. This blatantly explains us that we are paying the price for tampering with the nature. Let this be a lesson for people and make them aware of the consequences of destroying the nature.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Reminiscing - part - 2 - Accident

Let me flip through several pages and take you to the year 2001. The WTC was brought down the same year(sep 11). It was 11th october,i went to my friend's place and was coming back home in my bike. There is this preconceived notion that when cats (that too black cats) are a sign of bad luck when it crosses the road. I never beleived in all those.Unfortunately that day a black cat suddenly crossed the road. I was coming at full speed and had to apply brakes suddenly. But the timing dint work out and i almost ran over the cat but it escaped and i came skidding and fell off the bike. Luckily the bike fell on the right side and i fell on the left side. The petrol tank opened up and the petrol started flowing out. Had the friction and the heat developed a spark, it would have been a disastrous day for me.I just went numb with slight dizziness. I dint know what was happening around. A few people helped to get me on my bike. Somehow reached home(still dounno how) and was lying on my bed not knowing that i got a fracture. When i tried to get up,the pain was excruciating which made me realise that something was wrong. I rang my parents and they took me to a nearby hospital. The doctor told me that i had broken(actually a crack) my left clavicle. I was in my 12th std,a crucial year to decide my future. I dint attend my school nor my tutions for a week. But somehow managed to attend my school and tution with the my fractured hand later. I was in sling for a month. It was very difficult to move my hands after removing the sling. It took more than a month for me to recuperate after which i started riding my bike again(If it had happened during my college days i wouldn't have bothered ;)!!!) Still my shoulder has not healed properly.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Reminiscing - Part 1 - Lost & Found

After holidaying at kodaikanal I was on my way back to chennai on the train with my family. I was just 4 years old. The train stopped at madurai station and they all got down leaving me with my surrogate mother(my chitti). She was busy reading a book and didn't notice me disappearing behind my mother and here unfolds the chilling moment of my life. I was lost in the crowded station. Only when they were back in the compartment did they realise that i was lost. Did they panic i dunno. But atleast they were kind enough to search for me which they might regret now. They kept asking everyone they met in the station whether they saw a child going by alone. And yeah the climax is predictable i was found minutes before the train was about to leave the station. Sounds cinematic?anyways this is true. An announcement was made by the railway officer that they there is a missing child in their waiting room. I was sitting in the railway officer's room happily watching tv without any worries that i was lost. And thus ends the happy reunion with my family. (Well i have finished this so crisp because i seriously dont remember anything about this incident but vaguely remember going behind my mother without herself knowing in the station.)