Sunday, December 03, 2006


DHOOM MACHALE!!!!Hrithik is a con artist who does his job all alone with utmost perfection. He doesn't trust anybody until he meets Ash. Ash who becomes his partner in crime first is actually a traiter but later falls for him and the story rolls. The movie is full of energy. Hrithik has done an outstanding job. Bips comes as a glamorous cop in the first half and a sizzling hottie in the second half. The movie is full of skimpily clad women and wonder why the chopras claim that they've been aesthetically shot and doesn't appear vulgar? The climax has the bike chase scene and Abhishek's bike doesn't even look appealing. And yeah everytime Hrithik does some robbery he leaves his ID "A" chiselled in a metal just like kamal does in guru a yesteryear flick of his where he leaves an eagle(if im right!!??!!)

When i was in my 10th std, the movie Kaho na pyar hai released and they proclaimed him that 'A star is born' and now i think he is re-born. After KNPH he had a string of flops and yes koi mil gaya and krrish were hits but his performance weren't as stunning as this. After KNPH really couldn't adore him in other movies. But if this movie had released then, perhaps i would've worshipped him as demi-god. The way he pulls of heists so brilliantly, the gravity defying stunts and the way he dons each costume and make-up is simply mind-numbing. And dance, he is sure the best. He is so flexible and his steps are flawless. Ash too tries to steal the show but others do not have nothing to do in the movie. I dint like Dhoom 1 that much but this movie appealed me so much. It surpasses even Don. Dhoom 2 is more fast-paced!!!

Uday comes as a add-on and tries (tires) with his one-liners. Abhishek i felt has nothing to do, infact anybody could've done his role. It doesn't leave a standing impression on you. And the female who comes as abhishek's wife seem to only eat in all her scenes. Ash looks stunning and dances well. Dont miss the song that comes after the credit starts rolling. Ash-Hrithik rocked!!The only thing thats missing in the movie is perhaps why hrithik pull off all the heists or to be precise a plot. And the other fallacy is logic. Anyway movie sans logic are nothing but bollywood flicks. This is a wholesome entertainer and anybody who has seen this movie can vouch for a tremondous thrilling and enjoyable experience. Coming from the bandwagon of yashraj films one can sure expect beautiful locales and luckily no romantic song sequences in swiss alps. If you have read sidney sheldon's "If tomorrow comes" then you'll definitely agree the movie is based on that book not entirely but atleast 70% Plagiarism? And one more thing even non-hindi speakers can understand this movie quite well even without sub-title.(pics: courtesy google)

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Blogger kuttichuvaru said...

yeah it was Hrithik all the way!! others had miniscule roles :-)

10:49 PM  
Blogger Kk said...

Wow ! That's a pro review ! Just enuf revealing of the story., compliments n complaints... dont have to watch the movie now i guess :P

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12:23 AM  
Blogger Karthik Srinivasan said...

I heard someone was singing "Crazy kiya re...." all thro the day thinking abt Hrithik after watching this movie... :-D

11:43 PM  
Blogger Hell's Angel said...

kutti -> it was jus AWESOME!!

kk -> thts too much credits 2 me..thanks anyways..:-)

KSR -> TRUE!!!!!

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Ibn al Hyderabadee said...

women have become very slutty in Indian movies......

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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