Sunday, April 15, 2007

The D-Day

Today is one of the D-days in my life. I have graduated as an Engineer officially. It really feels so honoured and blessed. Unfortunately circumstances has forced me to stay back from attending my convocation. I was very much looking forward to attend this function cos i will be getting an oppurtunity to meet all my classmates for i dont know whether i'll get such an oppurtunity in the future. This must have been a great union for all of us and officially would have been my last visit to my college.

I really had wonderful time in college. Those four years were a mere bliss and passed like a flash. I had one of the best ever times in my college. The laughter, the merriment can never be brought back except while reminiscing them in minds. The final year was the best of my times. I used to bunk college mercilously, watch a string of all flop movies getting released and never ever bother about burning all pocket money. The one song that really fits this scenario is "Those were the best days of my life". This line aptly suits for anybody who had gone through this phase of college life. You must have heard the original song. Click below to enjoy another version of that song!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The workaholic

The mobile phone shrieked at 8 AM. On a usual Sunday morning Arjun wouldn't have even opened his eyes before 11 AM. But this sunday was turning out to be a nightmare. Oh...sorry...for beginners...Arjun works with a reputed IT firm and is as in most cases is not satisfied with his job.

As most of the young, enthusiastic s/w professionals Arjun is a workaholic, insomniac worker for whom the time in the clock mattered as much as consistent performance to the Indian cricket team. He had returned home late last night after finishing delivery of a module and had now got a call from his colleague who asked him to report to the office soon. The delivery had screwed up and the onsite folks had now pulled the sky down to the earth. Added to it there was an important meeting with his boss.

Boss. That word sends spill down his spine because his boss is such a terror. Diplomatically put he is a walking dynamite and indecently a pain in the ass. Arjun kicks his 150 CC black Pulsar which grunts to prove that it indeed is "definitely male". As he drives it past the adayar bridge he fears he might miss the briefing session and kicks it to 80s and rushes to his office. He's abominably late even after all the Valentino Rossi antics on his bike. Damn is even crowded on sundays.

Surprisingly the office parking lot is less crowded. is Sunday. That thought just increases his hatred level towards his boss. He keeps ranting about his boss "Hell with him , let him rot in hell."
"Will he rot in hell??". Its his conscience speaking.
"No i can secretly hear god and devil arguing 'Take him. He is yours'" ."
And he attempts to crack a smile at his silly joke amidst frustration, but curses his boss for letting him talk all alone all the way to the office.

Thoughts and hatred aside he flashes his employee card to the sorry looking security at the entrance and puffs and pants to his floor just in time. He meets his colleague who looks tensed & gives a everything-is-over look and asks him to enter the meeting hall. Devastated he opens the door and enters the meeting hall as if he were entering a lions den. He looks at his colleagues who eye him a despicable how-can-you-do-this look.

A second later his colleagues join together and shout at the top of their top of voice "April fool". Left without any choice Arjun laughs.

PS: This is my first attempt at story writing!!